Plausible solutions for desired user experience

I'm an entry-level UI/UX designer, an experienced storyteller and UX writer who is here to give user experience a breath of fresh air. I'm particularly interested in interaction design and accessibility.

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Tuğçe. I have worked as a translator, copywriter and proofreader for more than 15 years. Now I'm pivoting to be a UX designer, which is both very new and very familiar for me at the same time.

My skills on writing and storytelling are helping me a lot with UX design. However, there are so many things to learn. I'm enjoying this very much, becaue I believe in never-ending personal growth.

I'm both a creative and logical thinker. I love simplicity in designs, as well as in life. I'm:

  • determined,

  • focused,

  • steady,

  • stable,

  • organized,

  • and detail oriented.

I hope my traits will carry me forward in UX design, especially in interaction design and accessibility.

Check out my resumé .

My adventure on design

Thinking back, I entered the world of design as early as writing. I always tried to make the texts look good both inside and outside. I called myself a "content designer".

I did lots of UX writing, too. Besides, I always managed a personal blog or social media account. Thus, I used Adobe Illustrator. Now I use Figma for everything.

I'm also an origami designer with an Instagram account that has over 8k followers.

Contact me!

You can contact me via my e-mail:

You can also visit: